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Nearly imperceptible, this series of photographic gum prints pairs images of nurse logs with images of domestic violence shelters. The images are fully present but very difficult to see, a light grey on white.

In 2010 I started documenting domestic violence shelters in the United States and Italy, a vital but nearly invisible network of places that nurture and support survivors of inter-personal violence.

Nurse logs are fallen trees which as they decay offer support to other plants and animals. An example of probiosis or ecological facilitation, nurse logs exemplify a kind of natural mutual support behavior.

Currently, American non-profit organizations assist people who are in mortal danger from a inter-personal violence (IPV) by providing residence in a shelter.

poiche i boschi hanno gia preso tutti fuoco
because the woods have already caught fire

e la cenere che rimane sono fatti
and the remaining ashes are facts